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Words & Motion Speech Therapy Group

Come meet us! We're a group of licensed, highly skilled speech therapists who are devoted to improving the quality of life of people with challenges in communication and other areas, like voice and swallowing. Much of our free time is spent learning the latest methodologies and evidence-based practices so we can deliver optimal results to all of our clients. (We also like to hike, look at the stars and cuddle with our kids, partners and pets!)

Meet Our People

Anna Weber, M.S., CCC-SLP

Co-owner, CFO, Treasurer and SLP

Anna Weber is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Walla Walla University in 1997. She went on to complete post baccalaureate studies in Communication Science Disorders from Western Washington University, and a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Loma Loma University in 2000. Over the last 20 years Anna has worked in a variety of settings including public school districts in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County. She was a vendored Speech Pathologist for Orange County Regional Center from 2007-2011. In 2016 Anna and her husband Erick opened a private speech pathology practice in Redondo Beach, CA. She is a member of CASHA, ASHA, and an SLPA advisory committee board member at Cerritos College.

Mara Trafficante, M.S., CCC-SLP

Co-owner, CEO, President and SLP

Mara Trafficante is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who received her graduate degree in Communication Disorders & Sciences from CSUN. She has been practicing for nearly 10 years and is an ASHA member. Her interests have exposed her to a variety of settings and populations (e.g., public schools, early intervention programs, pediatric vent-dependent patients, working 5+ years in acute and OP care at USC where she specialized in working with patients who have head & neck cancer, ALS, and voice disorders.) Mara also had a private practice where her primary focus was working with transgender people for voice. Mara brings an authentic connection when working with clients/patients and is always expanding her skills to bring the most current, evidence-based practices to her care.

Dana Dempsey, M.A., CCC-SLP

Lead Speech-Language Pathologist

Dana Dempsey is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who received her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Speech Language Pathology from Central Michigan University. She has been a practicing Speech Language Pathologist for over 5 years. She is registered with the American Speech and Hearing Association and licensed by the state of California Dana has experience working with the pediatric population in school settings. She also has worked with the adult population in skilled nursing facilities. She currently works in an elementary school, servicing preschool through 5th grade students, including those in the general education and special day class settings. In the school setting, Dana provides direct and collaborative services for children with Articulation/Phonology Disorders, Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders, Apraxia, Autism Spectrum disorders, Fluency disorders, and Developmental Delays. Dana is passionate about consulting and collaborating with teachers, classroom aides, and families to help students achieve effective communication in all environments.

Adela Martinez

Administrative Support

Adela Martinez is an undergraduate student at UC Irvine who is pursuing a career as a Speech Language Pathologist. Adela has experience working in a school setting as a Teacher Assistant working with students 6- to 7-years-old. She is passionate about continuing to help children in the community reach their full potential. Currently, Adela is participating in research studies at UCI that focus on the Cognitive Process of the Bilingual Brain and Mind and is looking forward to discovering what the profession of Speech Language Pathology has in store for her.

Patricia Soto, SLPA

Patricia Soto, SLPA graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from CSULB and has an Associate’s Degree in Child Development from El Camino College. Her experience working with children includes working as a teacher’s assistant at a Montessori School and as a teacher at a Head Start Program. Patricia is also bilingual in Spanish and English and has experience interpreting and providing bilingual services to children and adults. Patricia has assisted in bilingual research at CSULB and is committed to providing evidence-based practice and family-focused therapy for clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Patricia’s compassion and support are reflected through the motivation she provides when assisting clients to achieve their communication goals. Patricia has a strong desire to help the people and the community she serves and aspires to continue her education by assisting a Masters program in the future.

Judy Caririllo, SLPA

Judy Carrillo is a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist Assistant who received her SLPA license/Associate degree through Pasadena City College. Currently, she is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in communication disorders at California State University, Los Angeles. Prior to becoming an SLPA, Judy worked as an Infant Stimulation Specialist for 4 years, providing services to Infants from birth to three years of age who display developmental delays or are at risk. Judy is passionate about creating opportunities for children to enhance their speech and language development through play, along with family intervention targeting social components of language input. She believes communication is crucial to a child’s overall development as it enables children to not only build positive relationships, but also form friendships and facilitate learning by listening, talking, and questioning. Judy truly enjoys her profession, as it is fulfilling to see her clients grow and achieve their goals.

Leticia Osuna, SLPA

Leticia Osuna is a state licensed bilingual speech and language pathologist assistant (SLPA) who began her education in 2008, by obtaining a degree in child development from Los Angeles City College. Having worked 10 years as a teacher’s aide for LAUSD she then continued her education at Pasadena City college and completed an associate degree as a speech and language pathologist assistant in 2021. Her inspiration and motivation for continuing her education is her son, her son at an early age received speech therapy and it provided her with a first-hand experience as to how beneficial speech therapy was. Being a mother provides her with empathy and understanding of the parents and children that she serves, she loves that she gets the opportunity to provide families with education to help them accomplish their child’s goals through early intervention speech therapy.

Edith Mejia, SLPA

Edith Mejia is a bilingual Speech Language Pathologist Assistant with seven years of experience providing speech and language services to students ages 2–18. After earning a Liberal Arts degree from Mount St. Mary’s University, Edith realized her passion was helping students who required more individualized support, particularly those who would benefit from speech services. As a result, Edith earned her Associates Degree in Speech Language Pathology Assistant from Cerritos College in 2015. As a SLPA, her primary objective is to build rapport with students, so they feel comfortable with services and maximize their ability to communicate. Edith is deeply committed to providing speech services and witness the growth and positive impact services have on their overall academic and life experiences.

Erika Pacheco, SLPA

Erika Pacheco is a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) who received her Bachelor's degree from California State University, Los Angeles. While pursuing her degree, she obtained her Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Certification to ensure quality therapy services to individuals in need. Erika is a bilingual clinician with experience servicing patients from 12-months of age to the elderly population in a variety of settings such as schools, homes, private practices and teletherapy. Prior to working as a SLPA, Erika worked at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) assisting children with disabilities and helping them adjust to their daily routines. Having worked in diverse communities, she prides herself in building positive relationships with people of various cultural backgrounds while providing hands-on parent education to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Krystal Moran, SLPA

Krystal Moran is a bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) who received her Bachelor's degree in Speech-Language Pathology from California State University, Long Beach. She has worked with clients from ages 2-18 years of age and has gained experience from various settings (e.g., ABC School District, clinic, and home-based). Prior to becoming a SLPA, Krystal was an in-home Early Interventionist which ignited her passion for this age group and setting. Krystal is passionate about creating positive relationships with clients and their families to ensure the highest quality of service. Krystal aspires to become a speech-language pathologist in the future.

Shafiga Saeed, SLPA

Shafiga Saeed is a mother of two from Tanzania. She is a multi-lingual Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) who received her bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from CSULB. While pursuing her degree, she worked as a behavior therapist providing ABA services and as a college aide at Long Beach Unified school district (LBUSD), job coaching and mobility training for high school seniors with special needs. During her senior year, she held the advocate chair position for her school chapter. She advocated for the needs of underrepresented students and promoted inclusivity within the NSSLHA and CSULB speech-language pathology department. After graduating, she interned in a hospital and rehabilitation center and conducted speech and language awareness workshops in Africa. Shafiga aspires to become a speech-language pathologist in the future and give back to her community by conducting seminars and providing free services in Africa.

Yamileth De Paz, SLPA

Clinic Coordinator

Yamileth De Paz is a school-based and clinic-based bilingual speech-language pathologist assistant. Among other settings, Yamileth has previously worked for the Centinela Valley School District, working with students from preschool to 22-years-old and has provided treatment in a variety of areas of need. One area of focus in Yamileth’s skills is with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), a communication modality that helps people communicate who have difficulty using verbal speech. In the clinic setting, Yamileth has worked extensively with clients from birth to adolescence and she has assisted countless families with skilled parental, and caregiver training. Yamileth truly enjoys and is proud to service numerous communities and finds fulfillment helping clients achieve and maintain effective communication for a better quality of life.

Sandy Peck, MBA, PHR

Human Resources Director

Sandy Peck, Human Resources Director, has a Bachelor of Science degree and Master’s in Business Administration, Human Resources emphasis. Sandy is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) with a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI). Sandy has worked mostly in finance and healthcare human resources administration. Sandy’s expertise is with payroll, recruitment, employment law, strategic planning, and leadership specializing in compliance, benefit administration, staffing and employee relations. Sandy is enthusiastic about the employee and employer relationship and strives to create a rewarding employee experience.

Consuelo Torres, SLPA

Consuelo Torres, SLPA received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Disorders from California State University, Los Angeles. She obtained her Associate of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology Assistant and Child Development from Cerritos Community College. Connie is a first-generation Latina graduate and a bilingual Spanish- English speaker. She has experience in a variety of settings such as elementary schools, outpatient healthcare clinics, home-based therapy, and teletherapy. Connie has provided therapy to patients of all age groups, families of various cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and patients with developmental and acquired disabilities/disorders. Before becoming a SLPA, Connie was a lead Head Start teacher, a Transitional Kindergarten (TK) teacher as well as a Preschool teacher for four years. Her passions include creating home activities for children and families, and coaching parents on implementing play-based/ structured play therapy.

Elizabeth Gonzales, SLPA

Elizabeth Gonzalez is a bilingual Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) who received her bachelors degree in Communicative Disorders from California State University Long Beach. She has 7 years of experience working in public school districts as well as charter schools in West Covina, Los Angeles, and Walnut Park. She has worked with children ranging from the ages of 3-18. Providing direct and collaborative speech and language services for children with Articulation/Phonology, Fluency, Expressive and Receptive Language Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delays, Selective Mutism, and Hard of Hearing. Elizabeth is compassionate and genuinely loves her profession. She says it is very rewarding to see her students become aware of their goals and strive to reach and accomplish them through speech therapy.

Cynthia Mondragon, SLPA

Cynthia Mondragon is a bilingual Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) who received her bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders from California State University of Los Angeles (CSULA). While at the university and working full-time for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), she pursued her Speech-Language Pathology Assistant license. Cynthia has over 15 years of experience working with a wide variety of children with special needs, whose ages range from 3-18 years old. She also has more than 10 years of experience working as an in-home caregiver of children with special needs. Cynthia is compassionate and dedicated to working with children to reach their goals and help them find ways to communicate with loved ones. Outside of speech and work Cynthia loves to go hiking with her husband and their two French Bulldogs.

Katie Toscano, SLPA

Katie Toscano is a Los Angeles native who graduated from Cerritos College in 2021 with her Associates Degree in both Speech Language Pathology Assistance as well as Early Childhood Development. Katie, a licensed bilingual SLPA, is excited and highly motivated to give back to her community. During the SLPA licensing process, Katie worked at Speech Language Development Center with individuals who had a variety of communication challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Katie brings her experience of raising three daughters, one of whom had a speech delay, to the children and families she serves. An empathetic, caring, and very playful therapist, Katie strives to help all the children she serves attain their highest communication potential while under her guidance and care.

Shelby Saylors, SLPA

Shelby Saylors is a bilingual Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) who completed a SLPA fieldwork program through California State University, Northridge, in 2020. Shelby received her Bachelor of Science degree in Child Development from Brigham Young University Idaho in 2015 and went on to earn a second bachelor's degree in Communicative Disorders from Utah State University in 2018. Shelby previously worked as a SLPA with charter students in grades K-12. Before becoming a SLPA, Shelby was a lead Early Head Start Teacher classroom as well as a Senior Instructional Assistant (Behaviorally Challenged) in a special education TK-K program at Downey Unified School District. Shelby is passionate about Early Intervention and works to deliver developmentally-appropriate, fun and empathetic therapy. She strives to be each child's "cheerleader," and finds joy in working with them and their family to realize their full potential!

Michelle Herrera, SLPA

Michelle Herrera is a bilingual speech and language pathologist assistant who received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders from Biola University. She had the opportunity to complete her SLPA fieldwork at an elementary school and treated a diverse caseload of pediatric students with ASD, Down syndrome, articulation disorder, fluency disorder, or specific language disorders. She was also a dedicated and compassionate behavior technician and worked directly with two pediatric clients with ASD to improve their behavior, self-help, social, and communication skills. Michelle is a caring, loving, and empathetic SLPA who is eager to take the opportunity to make a beautiful and positive impact on her future clients of all identities, experiences, and backgrounds. In her free time, Michelle enjoys spending time with her loved ones, baking sweet treats, and watching movies.

Dioseline Garcia, SLPA

Dioseline Garcia is a Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist Assistant who received her Bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders and her SLPA license from California State University, Los Angeles. While obtaining her degree she volunteered in after school programs assisting children with their verbal and written communication skills, as well as their socialization. She also had the opportunity to execute her SLPA fieldwork in a pediatric speech therapy clinic where she treated children with ASD, language difference, and articulation disorders. Dioseline is passionate about inspiring young minds to become more independent and be able to communicate in society. She enjoys reading and learning with the purpose of expanding her knowledge and witnessing the growth and positive impact that speech services have on children’s daily lives.

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