Adult Services

At Words & Motion we offer a variety of services to support adults with communication and specific medical needs.

Speech & Language Therapy

We provide services to a variety of adults with communication challenges, ranging from speech or language disorders after stroke or traumatic brain injury, long-term articulation challenges or those with challenges with stuttering.

Swallowing / Dysphagia Therapy

A swallowing disorder can turn eating, one of life’s main pleasures, into a challenging and socially isolating experience, or at its most serious, a life-threatening event. A swallowing disorder can occur after certain kinds of strokes, traumatic brain injury, and after head and neck cancer treatments. It can also be neurological in its origin and is seen in ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Parkinson's, and Multiple Sclerosis, among others. Occasionally, presybyphagia, which refers to characteristic changes in the swallowing mechanism is seen in otherwise healthy older adults. At Words & Motion we have skilled, licensed speech therapists who are trained in a variety of evidence-based dysphagia treatment protocols and will work with you and your referring physician to optimize your treatment outcomes and potentially advance your diet to the least restrictive diet possible.

Voice Disorders / Dysphonia

Voice disorders are more common than we realize. A voice disorder can manifest as a rough, hoarse or strained even "painful" voice. They can impact how long you can speak (i.e., endurance) comfortably and how well you can project your voice. We see voice disorders in people of all walks of life whether they are teachers, public speakers or a patient who's recovering from a prolonged and traumatic hospitalization that may have required intubation. Chronic Cough is also considered a voice disorder. After receiving clearance and a prescription from an ENT (i.e., ear, nose and throat doctor), our therapists at Words & Motion use evidence-based therapy practices to educate our patients about vocal hygiene and work to achieve the best voice possible. Voice treatment typically ranges between 4-6 sessions and like all of the services at Words & Motions, requires a doctor's prescrption.

Transgender & Gender Affirmation Voice Therapy

As humans we are most readily recognized by our voices, and our communication styles. Developing a healthy, sustainable voice that is true to our gender identity, and individuality, can provide greater confidence, sense of self and strength. At Words & Motion we do a thorough intake and vocal analysis using instrumentation, as well as finely tuned listening skills to develop a voice and communication program based on each client’s personal needs and goals. We use a wide variety of evidence- and performance-based protocols, provide extensive exercises, materials, real-life practice suggestions, objective feedback, and an enormous set of tools to help clients reach their personal communication goals.

Tele-medicine /

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